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March 2009

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Supply Ship Operations

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This book contains practical guidance on many of the activities undertaken by anchor-handlers and platform ships. It considers the changes in the working environment and the ships doing the job, since the first edition was published in 1991. The text is supported by 100 colour photos and 15 diagrams.

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This revised edition retains chapters on ship-handling, the carriage of cargo, working with semi-submersibles and jack-ups, towing and emergencies, and adds new chapters on operations, accidents and safety. The author draws on his experience as a shipmaster on North Sea supply vessels to describe offshore techniques and the major hazards to offshore mobile drilling units, jack-ups and semi-submersibles.

Chapter 1 - The Context of the Third Edition

Chapter 2 - Offshore Operations

Chapter 3 - Ship-handling

Chapter 4 - Cargo Operations

Chapter 5 - Moving Semi-Submersibles

Chapter 6 - Moving Jack-ups

Chapter 7 - More Anchor-Handling Activities

Chapter 8 - Towing

Chapter 9 - Emergencies

Chapter 10 - Some Operations

Chapter 11 - Incidents and Accidents

Chapter 12 - The Management of Safety


Glossary of Terms



The Ships and Oil website has been in existence since 1998, predating almost all other marine websites and most of those operated by shipowners. It consists of a number of subsections dealing with different aspects of the marine world as it relates to the offshore oil industry. One of the most popular areas is picture of the day. This started off as a snap taken of vessels coming and going and immediately put on line, but over time it has become a feature which at best is updated a couple of times a week, and shows photographs of offshore vessels all over the world contributed by our visitors. The next item to be developed was Ship Information, also using photos sent in by our contributors plus comprehensive details picked up where-ever they are available.

Title: Supply Ship Operations
Edition: Third
Number of Pages: 284
Product Code: SH1001K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-0-9557002-1-7 (9780955700217), ISBN 10: 0-9557002-1-3 (0955700213)
Published Date: March 2009
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 240 mm
Book Width: 170 mm
Book Spine: 15 mm
Weight: 0.80 kg

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