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January 2008

Signals Tutor

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Signals Tutor is a valuable program to test your knowledge of international code flags and

basic and advanced Morse code recognition. It is an essential tool to help you learn and

prepare for the signals exam.

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The CD-ROM includes the 'International Code Of Signals' book in electronic version. The program can be used in a classroom environment,and includes the facility to prepare a Morse (mock) exam for a group of computers.

Study hint - when preparing for your exams, it is good advice to increase the Morse words per minute over and above the minimum required to ensure that your ability exceeds the exam requirements i.e. if you need to do the exam at 3 words per minute and in studying you are able to recognise easily at 4 or 5 words per minute, the exams will seem easy.



International Code Flags / Signal flags

Morse - Introduction and Recognition

Advanced Morse - The program presents a dark screen and a flashing light approx 10mm in diameter, thus creating a mock classroom exam.

Title: Signals Tutor
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Published Date: January 2008
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Available as a single user only. There is no 'network version' as such. However, multiple standalone installations can read the same configuration file with a preset (mock) exam. Contact [email protected] for details of volume pricing.