SIGTTO Information Papers (Consolidated Edition 2014)

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November 2014

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SIGTTO Information Papers (Consolidated Edition 2014)

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This publication reflects all of the SIGTTO Information Papers that are in force for 2014, for the guidance of industry members.

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The purpose of this document is to provide explanation of how insulation flanges provide protection against ignition caused by arcing. Unfortunately, much of the research that was undertaken to prove the benefit of insulation flanges has been lost over the last 30 or 40 years, and much of what is left is simply a reference to either ‘ISGOT’ (Reference 6) or to IMO publication ‘Recommendations on the Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes and Related Activities in Port Areas’ (Reference 10), which requires their use. Even a literature search of IMO archives, which shows support for the use of insulation flanges as far back as 1977, does not have any reference to the research that was undertaken in their favour. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate their effectiveness, in support of ISGOTT and the IMO recommendations.

1. A Justification into the Use of Insulation Flanges (and Electrically Discontinuous Hoses) at the Ship/Shore and Ship/Ship Interface

2. Avoidance of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) in Cargo Tanks, Reliquefaction Condensers and Condensate Return Pipework with Liquefied Ammonia Cargoes

3. ESD Arrangements & Linked Ship/Shore Systems for Liquefied Gas Carriers

4. Exploding the Myth

5. Fire Prevention in the Cargo Containment Systems of Liquefied Gas Carriers in Shipyards

6. Gas Concentrations in the Insulation Spaces of Membrane LNG Carriers

7. Guidance for the Prevention of Rollover in LNG Ships

8. Guide for Planning Gas Trials for LNG Vessels

9. Guide to Purchasing High Modulus Synthetic Fibre Mooring Lines

10. Guide to Safety Rules, Regulations and Familiarisation on Board – a ‘Cabin LSA Handbook’

11. Lifeboat Incident Survey – 2000

12. LNG and LPG Experience Matrix

13. LNG Manifold Drip Trays

14. LNG Transfer Arms and Manifold Draining, Purging and Disconnection Procedure

15. Report on the Effects of Fire on LNG Carrier Containment Systems

16. Safe Havens for Disabled Gas Carriers

17. Ship/Shore Questionnaire for Compatibility Study of Liquefied Gas Ships with Loading/Unloading Jetties

18. Simulation Information Paper

19. Suggested Quality Standards for LNG Training Providers

20. Testing for Ethanol in LPG Cargoes Containing Propylene

21. Thermowells in LNG Carrier Liquid Lines

22. The Selection and Testing of Valves for LNG Applications

23. The Selection and Testing of Valves for LPG Applications

24. Training Protocol

The purpose of this document is to provide explanation of how insulation flanges provide protection against ignition caused by arcing.

The purpose of SIGTTO is to promote shipping and terminal operations for liquefied gases which are safe, environmentally responsible and reliable. To fulfil this mission it will:

  • Proactively develop best operating practices and guideline

  • Sustain a learning environment by sharing lessons learned

  • Promote training and development of all within the industry

  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders

  • Conduct its business with professionalism and integrity

Title: SIGTTO Information Papers (Consolidated Edition 2014)
Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: 2014
Number of Pages: 579
Product Code: WS1451K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-684-3 (9781856096843), ISBN 10: 1-85609-684-X (185609684X)
Published Date: November 2014
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 303 mm
Book Width: 213 mm
Book Spine: 30 mm
Weight: 2.10 kg
Author: SIGTTO

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