So you want to go to Sea? (eBook)

Published Date

December 2011

So you want to go to Sea? (eBook)

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This book is not intended to be a recruitment book but a guide to the Merchant Navy and the available pathways for those wishing to go to sea, their parents, schools, career advisors and anyone who wants to know about career opportunities at sea. It also shows the wealth of organisations surrounding the Merchant Navy and how their support is structured. Hopefully, a prospective entrant will get an idea of what to expect and what is expected of them.

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It is often said within and outside the marine industry, that today there is a lack of interest in going to sea as a career. This lack of interest, in the majority of cases can be due to a lack of knowledge of the available opportunities in a career at sea.

Unlike the Royal Navy, there is no central organisation or recruiting office covering all aspects of seagoing. There is also not a requirement for all the recruiting to be done through the Merchant Navy Training Board whose invaluable careers, training and educational service provides guidance about careers at sea. For those unsure about the type of company or career path to follow or who want information about any aspect of a career at sea, this organisation should be regarded as the"First Stop Shop


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1. A Career at Sea

1.1 What do you Expect?

1.2 Education

1.3 Qualities

1.4 Going Away

1.5 Lifestyle Differences

1.6 Advantages and Disadvantages

1.7 Parents

1.8 Cadet or Rating

1.9 Costs

1.10 Employment Figures

1.11 Retention Rates

1.12 Career Potential

1.13 Nautilus Cadet Survey

1.13.1 Key Findings

1.14 Initial Path

2. Preparation

2.1 Nautical Periodicals

2.2 Schools

3. The Merchant Navy

3.1 History

3.2 Flag

3.3 Manning

3.4 Tonnage Tax and Training

3.5 The Ship

3.5.1 The Engine Room

3.5.2 The Decks

3.5.3 Cabins

3.5.4 Main Deck

3.6 Shipboard Structure

3.6.1 Deck

3.6.2 Engineering

3.6.3 The Catering Department

3.7 Watchkeeping

3.8 Working Hours

3.9 Fatigue Rules

3.10 Duties and Responsibilities on Board

3.10.1 The Captain

3.10.2 The Deck Department

3.10.3 The Second Officer

3.10.4 The Third Officer

3.10.5 The Deck Cadet Officer

3.10.6 The Chief Engineering Officer

3.10.7 2nd Engineer

3.10.8 3rd Engineer

3.10.9 4th Engineer Officer

3.10.10 Engineer Cadet Officer

3.10.11 Electro Technical Officer

3.10.12 Electro-Technical Cadet Officer

3.11 Discipline

3.12 Problems Affecting the Merchant Navy

3.12.1 The Risk Element

3.12.2 Piracy

3.12.3 Criminalisation

3.12.4 Manning

3.12.5 Fatigue

3.12.6 Shore Leave

4. The Ships

4.1 Ship Groups

4.1.1 Coastal Advantages Disadvantages

4.1.2 Ocean Going Advantages Disadvantages

4.2 Ship Types

4.2.1 Bulk Carriers

4.2.2 Container Ships

4.2.3 General Cargo

4.2.4 Tankers

4.2.5 Chemical and Gas Tankers

4.2.6 Cruise Ships

4.2.7 Specialist Sargo and Passenger Ships

4.2.8 RoRo

4.2.9 Ferries

4.2.10 Specialist Ships Ice vessels Cable laying Salvage and deepsea towing Dredging Research vessels, oceanography, fishery, weather and others Military support Offshore support vessels

4.2.11 The Fishing Fleets

5. Shipowning and Management Companies

5.1 Training Companies

6. Medical Standards and Eyesight Test

7. Entry Qualifications and Initial Training

7.1 Entry Routes

7.1.1 Officer Entry

Title: So you want to go to Sea? (eBook)
Product Code: SP1364EA
Published Date: December 2011

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