Steering Gear Test Routines Checklist

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May 2016

Steering Gear Test Routines Checklist

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This card provides an instant point of reference when checking steering equipment, setting out in clearly marked sections the frequency and nature of checks to be performed. The laminated, wipe-clean finish makes it easy to update the card each time the checks are completed.

This new edition has been updated to reflect the guidance contained within ICS’ Bridge Procedures Guide.

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Regular testing of ship’s steering gear is an international requirement and ICS encourages the effective implementation of routine tests. This card prompts the operator on the checks to be conducted so that nothing is overlooked. The card is divided into the following sections:

  • Every watch/after prolonged use of autopilot
  • before entering coastal or congested waters
  • prior to departure (no more than 12 hours prior to departure)
  • emergency steering drills
  • checks and tests
  • changeover procedures.

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Title: Steering Gear Test Routines Checklist
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Published Date: May 2016
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