STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, Second Edition 2020

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November 2020

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STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, Second Edition 2020

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OCIMF’s STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment is an important tool that helps Ship to Ship Service Providers assess, measure and improve the safety and effectiveness of their management systems. This second edition has been updated to reflect current legislation, expectations and emerging issues and incorporates feedback from STS Service Providers and users of the first edition. It is based on the principles of the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA 3) programme that was revised in 2017.

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The self assessment programme encourages STS Service Providers to assess their safety management systems against key performance indicators. It provides a minimum expectation level and an additional three levels of increasing best practice guidance. The results can be used to develop plans that support the continuous improvement of management systems and the attainment of high standards of safety and pollution prevention.

Key updates to this edition:

  • Where applicable, the elements have been aligned with TMSA 3
  • A new element has been added that covers Maritime Security
  • The ‘Reliability and Maintenance of STS Equipment’, the ‘Due Diligence Regarding Transhipment Locations’ and the ‘STS Operations’ elements have been expanded to include new sections
  • The ‘Environmental and Energy Management’ element now incorporates the OCIMF Energy Efficiency and Fuel Management paper that was a supplement to TMSA 2
  • Elements have been streamlined and merged to improve consistency and make self assessment easier
  • The best practice guidance has been expanded to complement the key performance indicators and revised to remove ambiguity and duplication.

Section one

The STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Continual improvement
1.3 Key performance indicators
1.4 Self assessment process
1.5 Verification process

Section two

The SPSA elements

Element one

Leadership and the Safety Management System
1 Management, leadership and accountability
1A Developing and maintaining a Safety Management System

Element two

Recruitment and management of shore based personnel

Element three

Recruitment, management and wellbeing of operational personnel
3 Recruitment and management of operational personnel
3A Wellbeing of operational personnel

Element four

Reliability and maintenance of STS equipment (including critical equipment)

Element five

Due diligence regarding transhipment locations 37

Element six

STS operations

Element seven
Management of change

Element eight

Incident reporting, investigation and analysis

Element nine

Safety management
9 Safety management – shore based monitoring
9A Safety management – offshore operations monitoring

Element ten

Environmental and energy management

Element eleven

Emergency preparedness and contingency planning

Element twelve

Measurement, analysis and improvement
12 Measurement, analysis and improvement – inspections
12A Measurement, analysis and improvement – audits

Element thirteen

Maritime security

Section three

STS operational assessment forms and checklists
Part A: STS Service Provider particulars
Part B: STS transfer location assessment
Part C: STS transfer operation assessment
3.2 Checks prior to mooring/cargo operation
3.3 Checks during cargo operations
3.4 On completion of cargo transfer and prior to unmooring

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Title: STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, Second Edition 2020
Subtitle: A Best Practice Guide
Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 120
Product Code: IT103663
ISBN: 978-1-85609-938-7
Published Date: November 2020
Weight: 1.00 kg
Author: Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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