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July 2009

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The Pocket Book of Anchoring

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A practical and informative guide to modern anchoring equipment, seamanship practices

and the associated problems.

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Traditional anchoring equipment and practices were designed for ships considerably smaller than those of modern tonnage. Although modern ships are considerably larger, the weights and sizes of the ground equipment have not been scaled to match, yet we seem to expect the same performance.

Anchor Types


Testing the Anchors

Anchor Design

Anchor and Chain Damage and Loss

The Holding Power of Anchors

The Chain

Shackles and Joining Gear

The Windlass

The Wind and Current Effect

Wind/Current Forces and Holding Powers



Anchorage Types


Responsibilities in Anchorages

Approach to the Anchorage

Choosing the Anchor Position

Methods of Anchoring and Mooring

Anchoring to a Single Anchor

Which Anchor?

Using Both Anchors

After Anchoring

The Anchor watch


Standing Moor

Running Moor

Berthing Using Anchors

Manoeuvring with Anchors

Large Vessels

Hanging off an Anchor

When the Anchor Drags

Ground Tackle Maintenance

Anchor Markings

Heaving Anchor


Anchoring Terms


The Pocket Book of Anchoring Contents

Michael Lloyd commanded a wide variety of ships during his career including passenger, heavy lift and oilfield support vessels in Nigeria. He served 35 years in the Royal Naval Reserve and for 10 years he represented shipmasters on the Council of Numast. He is a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and a Younger Brother of Trinity House.

Title: The Pocket Book of Anchoring
Number of Pages: 86
Product Code: WS1018K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-905331-45-1 (9781905331451), ISBN 10: 1-905331-45-2 (1905331452)
Published Date: July 2009
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 180 mm
Book Width: 120 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm
Weight: 0.20 kg

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