UK P&I Club Carefully to Carry Consolidated Edition 2018 (eBook)

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September 2017

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UK P&I Club Carefully to Carry Consolidated Edition 2018 (eBook)

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Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this comprehensive manual compiled by the UK P&I Club details best practice for the carriage, loading and storage of a wide range of cargoes. It also contains essential information on draught surveys, preparing cargo plans and the stowage of general and deck cargoes.




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This essential guide to the safe carriage, loading and storage of cargo encapsulates the full range of potential issues and dangers around the transporting of bulk cargoes, from the characteristics and risks inherent in specific goods, hold preparation and hatch covers, to best practice when loading and unloading. Outlining and expanding on all major international cargo regulations and guidelines, it also includes detailed checklists, information on draught surveys and guides to preparing cargo plans.


Covering cargoes such as timber, gas, grain, steel and other metals, bulk goods and refrigerated goods, advice and best practices are supported by full colour illustrations and diagrams. Use of this book will assist in reducing both the possibility of expensive cargo damage and the number of tragic accidents and injuries that unfortunately continue to occur.



Foreword iii

Acknowledgements ix

PART 1 Grain 1

Chapter 1 Preparation, Survey and Load 3

Chapter 2 The Separation of Products in the Holds of Bulk Carriers 23

Chapter 3 Moisture Migration and Surface Ventilation 25

Chapter 4 Cargo Measurement 43

Chapter 5 The Carriage of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops 47

Chapter 6 Karnal Bunt 57

PART 2 Ores and Minerals 61

Chapter 7 Coal Cargoes 63

Chapter 8 Bitumen – Natural and Rock 71

Chapter 9 Mineral Ore Concentrates and other Materials that

may Liquefy 75

Chapter 10 Sulphur Cargoes 79

Chapter 11 Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) 85

PART 3 Steel and Other Metals 91

Chapter 12 Carriage of Steel 93

Chapter 13 Scrap Metal 115

PART 4 Timber and Forestry Products 121

Chapter 14 Timber Deck Cargoes 123

Chapter 15 Carriage of Forestry Products 135

PART 5 Measurement Using Draught Surveys 149

Chapter 16 Draught Surveys 151

PART 6 Bulk Cargoes – Liquid 173

Chapter 17 Bulk Oil Cargoes – Shortage and Contamination Claims 175

Chapter 18 Samples and Sampling in the Carriage of Liquid Bulk Cargoes 195

Chapter 19 Flashpoint Contaminations of Diesel Oil and Gas Oil 205

Chapter 20 Liquid Natural Oils, Fats and Fatty Products 209

Chapter 21 Biofuels: Marine Transport, Handling and Storage Issues 215

PART 7 The Carriage of Gas 227

Chapter 22 Carriage of Liquefied Gases 229

Chapter 23 Liquefied Natural Gas 241

PART 8 Packaged Cargoes, Including Bags, Drums and Flexitanks 257

Chapter 24 Refined (Crystal) Sugar 259

Chapter 25 Carriage of Potatoes 263

Chapter 26 Carriage of Cocoa 273

Chapter 27 Coffee 279

Chapter 28 Carriage of Bagged Rice 283

Chapter 29 Agricultural Products in Non-refrigerated Containers 297

Chapter 30 Calcium Hypochlorite 303

Chapter 31 Thiourea Dioxide 307

Chapter 32 Expandable Polymeric Beads 309

Chapter 33 Flexitanks 313

PART 9 Refrigerated and Atmosphere Controlled Cargoes 325

Chapter 34 Refrigerated Container and Controlled Atmosphere Cargoes 327

Chapter 35 Carriage Instructions for Refrigerated Cargoes 335

Chapter 36 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 349

Chapter 37 Table Grapes 361

Chapter 38 Frozen Fish 363

Chapter 39 Meat and Meat Products in Containers 381

Chapter 40 Pharmaceuticals in Temperature Controlled Containers 385

PART 10 General Container Operations Including Waste Shipments 391

Chapter 41 Stuffing, Stacking and Lashing Containers. 393

Chapter 42 Container Top Safety 427

Chapter 43 Container Crime 431

Chapter 44 Waste Shipments in Freight Containers 435

PART 11 Miscellaneous Cargoes 449

Chapter 45 Heavy-lift and Project Cargoes 451

Chapter 46 Agricultural Produce – Insect Infestation and Fumigation 487

Chapter 47 Fishmeal Cargoes – Self Heating and Fires 505

Chapter 48 Palletised Cargoes 513

Chapter 49 Radioactive Cargoes 517

Chapter 50 Radioactive Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) 519

PART 12 Cargo Planning and Securing (Including Hatch Covers) 525

Chapter 51 Preparing Cargo Plans – Structural Limitations 527

Chapter 52 Cargo Pre-loading Surveys 535

Chapter 53 Stowage of Breakbulk Cargo (General Cargo) 539

Chapter 54 Lashing and Securing Deck Cargoes 547

Chapter 55 Steel Hatch Covers 575



The UK P&I Club insures over 235 million tons of owned and chartered ships, about one-sixth of the world total. The Club's current S&P rating is A with positive outlook. The ships that the UK P&I Club insures come from more than fifty countries.

Title: UK P&I Club Carefully to Carry Consolidated Edition 2018 (eBook)
Number of Pages: 612
Product Code: WS1549EA
Published Date: September 2017
Binding Format: Paperback

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