UK P&I Club Survival Craft Release and Retrieval Systems (eBook)

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August 2017

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UK P&I Club Survival Craft Release and Retrieval Systems (eBook)

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Survival Craft Release and Retrieval Systems is an essential and comprehensive guide to the safe operation of survival craft release and retrieval systems. Written by the seafarer for the seafarer, it contains up-to-date guidance on lifeboat safety, including summaries of all major regulations, informative incident case studies, and a handy lifeboat launch and recovery checklist that can be used on board.

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Accidents involving survival craft are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities at sea, accounting for 16% of all fatalities onboard merchant ships between 2001-2011. This guide to the safe operation of survival craft release and retrieval systems is, therefore, a timely and important publication.

As well as summarising the major international and national regulatory requirements for survival craft release and retrieval systems, this publication includes comprehensive incident case studies and up-to-date information on lifeboat safety. Topics covered include crew welfare measures, explanations of how to operate and launch lifeboats, and instructions around best practice in the maintenance and repair of lifeboats and related appliances.

A handy lifeboat launch and recovery checklist, which can be used on board in conjunction with company procedures, is also included as an appendix.


Foreword v

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Lifeboat Accidents 3

    1. ‘Hoegh Duke’ – 20 August 1992 3

    2. ‘Kayax’ – 9 August 1994 4

    3. ‘Iolcos Grave’ – 9 November 1998 5

    4. ‘European Highway’ – 1 December 2000 5

    5. ‘Gulser Ana’ – 17 October 2001 6

    6. ‘Galateia’ – 26 January 2002 7

    7. ‘Lowlands Grace’ – 7 October 2004 8

    8. ‘Sea Urchin’ – 22 May 2006 9

    9. ‘Valparaiso Star’ – 28 August 2007 9

    10. ‘Louise Russ’ – 3 January 2011 10

    11. ‘CMA CGM Christophe Colomb’ – 15 April 2011 10

    12. ‘Anna Maersk’ – 27 March 2012 11

    13. ‘Thomson Majesty’ – 10 February 2013 11

    14. ‘Aquarosa’ – 1 March 2014 12

    15. ‘Nagato Reefer’ – 9 April 2014 12

    16. ‘Westport’ – 21 November 2014 12

    17. ‘Thomson Celebration’ – 10 June 2015 13

    18. ‘Dorikos’ – 27 August 2015 13

    19. IMCA Safety Flash – October 2015 14

    20. MV ‘Amazon’ – 12 April 2016 14

    21. ‘Harmony of the Seas’ – September 2016 15

Chapter 3 Regulations 17

    1. Origins of Lifeboat Release Regulations 17

    2. 1980 – On-Load Release Hooks 18

    3. 2001 – Investigation into Accidents involving Lifeboats

and their Launching Systems 19

    1. 2002 – High Number of Accidents with Lifeboats

Discussed at MSC 21

    1. 2006 – Improvement to Manuals Required to

Address Lifeboat Release Gear Concerns 21

    1. 2008 – ‘Survival Craft’ Booklet 22

    2. 2009 – Use of Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs) 23

    3. 2009 – Port State Control (PSC) 23

    4. 2010 – Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment (DE) Agrees Guidelines to Replace Unsafe Lifeboat Release

Mechanisms 24

    1. 2011 – Amendments to SOLAS, LSA Code and

New Guidance 24

    1. 2013 to 2016 – IMO Regulations as Now Applicable 30

Chapter 4 Guidance 33

    1. Common Problems with Hook Systems 34

    2. Measures to Prevent Accidents with Lifeboats

(MSC.1/Circ.1206) 37

    1. Guidelines for the Fitting and Use of Fall Preventer

Devices (FPDs) (MSC.1/Circ.1327) 51

    1. Requirements for Maintenance, Thorough Examination, Operational Testing, Overhaul and Repair of Lifeboats and Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances and Release Gear

(Resolution MSC.402(96)) 56

    1. Summary of the Guidance 66

Chapter 5 Lifeboat Launch and Recovery Checklist 69


The UK P&I Club insures over 235 million tons of owned and chartered ships, about one-sixth of the world total. The Club's current S&P rating is A with positive outlook. The ships that the UK P&I Club insures come from more than fifty countries.

Title: UK P&I Club Survival Craft Release and Retrieval Systems (eBook)
Number of Pages: 70
Product Code: WS1547EA
Published Date: August 2017
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 235 mm
Book Width: 155 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm

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