Understanding UK Shipping

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October 2017

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Understanding UK Shipping

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This publication provides the reader with a detailed introduction to the UK shipping industry. It will benefit those entering the industry, those looking to update their knowledge of the regulatory framework and those simply with an interest in how the shipping industry keeps the UK economy moving.

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Understanding UK Shipping gives an overview of the legal and administrative processes of shipping within the UK, as well as the numerous regulations that govern ships, ports, crew, trading and operations.


It has been written by the UK Chamber of Shipping’s team of experts who, as well as having a deep understanding of the regulations, participated in the formulation of many of them.


Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – International Regulation

Chapter 3 – Regulation of UK Ships

Chapter 4 – Crewing and Employment

Chapter 5 – Running a Shipping Business in the UK

Chapter 6 – The UK Shipping Market

Chapter 7 – Trading and Operating a Ship

Chapter 8 – Ports and their Customers

Chapter 9 – Customs Rules

Chapter 10 – Passenger Shipping


Further Reading

Annex 1 – Requirement of Certification



To an island nation such as the United Kingdom, the importance of shipping is easy to see and difficult to overstate. 95% of our visible international trade is moved by sea.


We depend on shipping to bring finished goods to our shops, whilst the manufacturers of those goods need ships to take raw materials and components to their factories. Lifeline ferries bring isolated communities to the mainland and back, whilst ships carry millions of British holidaymakers to overseas destinations each year.

The United Kingdom shipping industry does much more than move trade and people from one place to the next by sea. It boasts a fleet of advanced ships that support the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, along with world-leading oceanographic and seismic research vessels, cable-layers and, increasingly, luxury superyachts.


Over 85,000 merchant ships trade internationally, each following rules set at global, regional and national levels. These rules and standards cover almost every area of public policy; from environmental protection to safety, taxation to defence, customs to employment. The United Kingdom has been, and remains, a respected voice at the forefront of the development of the rules under which the industry operates.



The UK Chamber of Shipping is pleased to present this comprehensive introduction to our vital national industry.

The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry. We work with Government, parliament, international organisations and others to champion and protect the industry on behalf of our members.

It is our mission to deliver for our members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence at a UK level on maritime issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies. By combining the strength of our members with this expertise we will advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains as a leader in the global maritime business.


Title: Understanding UK Shipping
Edition: First
Number of Pages: 360
Product Code: WS1554K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-746-8 (9781856097468), ISBN 10: 1-85609-746-3 (1856097463)
Published Date: October 2017
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 304 mm
Book Width: 216 mm
Book Spine: 15 mm
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Author: UK Chamber of Shipping

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