US CFRS Consolidated 2017 (eBook - network)  5 users network

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January 2017

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US CFRS Consolidated 2017 (eBook - network) 5 users network

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US CFRs Module, has been specifically designed to keep users up to date with US CFRs through online synchronisation.

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Users will be updated throughout the year by 'synchronising' the system to receive notification of updates they may wish to subsequently download, these include: US Navigation Rules. International - Inland, Oil Pollution Act of 1990, Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act) 1920, CFR titles, 6, 29, 30, 33, 40, 46, 47 & 49. US CFRS will then be fully updated and re-released in 2016.

Applicable CFR Regulations          Partial list of the CFR subchapters applicable to marine safety and vessel inspection (as per USCG Marine Safety Manual, Vol. II)

CFR Title 33                                      Navigation and Navigable Waters Volume 1 Parts 1 To 124

                                                           Navigation and Navigable Waters Volume  2 Parts 125 To 199

                                                           Navigation and Navigable Waters Volume 3 Parts 200 To End

CFR Title 46                                      Shipping Volume 1 Parts 1 To 40

                Shipping Volume 2 Parts 41 To 69

                Shipping Volume 3  Parts 70 To 89

                Shipping Volume 4 Parts 90 To 139

                Shipping Volume 5 Parts 140 To 155

                Shipping Volume 6 Parts 156 To 165

                Shipping Volume 7 Parts 166 To 199

                Shipping Volume 8 Parts 200 To 499

                Shipping Volume 9 Parts 500 To End

CFR Title 49                                      Transportation Volume 1 Parts 1 To 99

                Transportation Volume 2  Parts 100 To 177

                Transportation Volume 3 Parts 178 To 199

                Transportation Volume 4 Parts 200 To 299

                Transportation Volume 5 Parts 300 To 399

                Transportation Volume 6 Parts 400 To 571

                Transportation Volume 7 Parts 572 To 999

                Transportation Volume 8 Parts 1000 To 1199

                Transportation Volume 9 Parts 1200 To End

USCG Marine Safety Manual      USCG Marine Safety Manual, Vol. II: Materiel Inspection

US Nav. Rules                                  US Navigation Rules. International – Inland.

OPA 90                                              Oil Pollution Act of 1990

Jones Act                                          Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act) 1920

Panama                                            Regulations on Navigation in the Panama Canal & Amendments

                                                           Agreement Between the USA and PANAMA 2002

CHRIS Manual                                  USCG Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS)

ERG 2012                                           2012 Emergency Response Guidebook, including errata

Title: US CFRS Consolidated 2017 (eBook - network) 5 users network
Product Code: WS9005EB24
Published Date: January 2017

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5 users network

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