Witherbys Flag State Regulations - Singapore, 2018 (eBook - network)

Published Date

January 2018

Witherbys Flag State Regulations - Singapore, 2018 (eBook - network)

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Witherbys Flag State Regulations are available for Singapore. The product consists of the regulations issued in the form of Merchant Marine Circulars and Marine Notices. Annual Subscription.

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The Singapore flag State is regulated by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Subject to certain requirements, Singapore considers documentation in an electronic format as being equivalent to carriage of paper documentation. Witherby Singapore Flag State Regulations are updated throughout the year and contain all:

  • Legislation and Acts

  • Shipping Circulars and Notices

  • Maritime Security Notices


Letter of Recognition



Title: Witherbys Flag State Regulations - Singapore, 2018 (eBook - network)
Product Code: WS9008EB34 Master
Published Date: January 2018

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