Witherbys Nautical Almanac 2015 (eBook - network) 15 users network

Published Date

November 1999

Witherbys Nautical Almanac 2015 (eBook - network) 15 users network

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In addition to the information supplied in your typical almanac, Witherbys Nautical Almanac includes:

  • Country information, including time zone, population, currency, Int’l dialing codes and details of their merchant fleet

  • extracts from a booklet ‘Celestial navigation Explained’ that takes you from the basics to resolving a cocked hat problem

  • a worked example on using the ‘Concise Sight Reduction tables of The Nautical Almanac’

  • formulae and conversion factors

  • update on bridge equipment required, AIS, ARPA, BNWAS, ECDIS,GALILEO, VDR and GMDSS

  • the use and care of the sextant

  • the use and care of an azimuth mirror

  • worked navigational examples using the Witherbys Nautical Almanac

  • colour star charts


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A new format Nautical Almanac for the 21st Century.

Using the popular wire bound concept with larger clearer font, cream pages for increments & corrections, all help to make Witherbys Almanac a user-friendly style of Nautical Almanac for today’s navigator. 


Altitude correction tables for Sun, stars, planets

Additional refraction corrections for non-standard conditions

Title page, preface, etc.

Phases of the Moon



Planet notes and diagram

Daily pages: Ephemerides of Sun, Moon, Aries and planets; sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise, moonset, etc.

Standard times

Star charts

Stars: SHA and Dec of 173 stars, in order of SHA (accuracy 0′.1)

Polaris (Pole Star) tables

Sight reduction procedures; direct computation

Concise sight reduction tables

Form for use with concise sight reduction tables

Country Information

Celestial Navigation Explained

Use of Concise Sight Reduction Tables of The Nautical Almanac

Bridge Notes / Nav Formulae

Conversion Factors


The use and care of a sextant

The use and care of an azimuth mirror

Magnetic Compass

Worked Examples

i Conversion of arc to time

ii – xxxi Tables of increments and corrections for Sun, planets, Aries, Moon

xxxii Tables for interpolating sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise, moonset, Moon’s meridian passage

xxxiii Index to selected stars

xxxiv – xxxv Altitude correction tables for the Moon  

Title: Witherbys Nautical Almanac 2015 (eBook - network) 15 users network
Subtitle: 2015
Number of Pages: 440
Product Code: WS1463ED
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-673-7 (9781856096737), ISBN 10: 1-85609-673-4 (1856096734)
Published Date: November 1999

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